Wuhan MHome Gentlefolk Mansion

A comprehensive super-large community integrating multi-format property clusters

Core of the New Inner Ring

Hotline: 027-5960 1666

Project Area: 1200000 m2

Building Types: Residence. Shop

Project Location:Teyihao, Maying Road, Hanyang.(The intersection of Maying Road and Macanghu Road.)

District: Hanyang District.

Project Status:Sell Out

Project Overview

Wuhan MHome Gentlefolk Mansion Project is located in the core block of Wuhan New Inner Ring Road, at the intersection of Macanghu Road and Maying Road in Hanyang. The project is a comprehensive super-large community integrating residential buildings, hotels, commercial complexes and other multi-format property clusters. The overall development area is about 1.2 million cubic meters, and the development area of Phase I is about 300,000 cubic meters. The project itself is equipped with supporting services integrating large-scale supermarkets, cinemas, medical care and education, which will form a self-integrated Maying Road Business Area.

The project enjoys a superior geographical position and a convenient transportation network. With the opening of Yingwuzhou Yangtze River Bridge and Yangsigang Bridge at the end of 2014, the project area will form an urban three-dimensional transportation network with 8 bridges (Yingwuzhou Yangtze River Bridge and Yangsigang Bridge), 2 subways and 8 bus lines, which will greatly shorten the distance between Hanyang and Wuchang and Hankou. The completion of the traffic network, the location of the inner ring road of the city, and the occupancy of the consulate will quickly promote the economic development of the region, and there is no doubt about the future appreciation space.

There are Zhongjiacun Business Area, Wangjiawan Business Area and Wulidun Business Area under construction near the project. It takes only 10 minutes to go to the Business Area, and it takes only 5-10 minutes to get to the municipal supporting facilities such as Qintai Grand Theatre, International Expo Center, Guiyuan Buddhist Temple and Zoo. At the same time, the project is only 5 minutes walk from Moshui Lake, the second largest lake inside Wuhan Inner Ring Road. At present, the government has invested 2 billion yuan to improve the water quality and strive to turn it into a 10,000-kilometer green landscape belt around the lake, which is definitely a good place for you and your family to play in your leisure time.