Wuhan MHome Gentlefolk Renhe Tiandi

3,600 m long lake shoreline, 15,000 acres of lake

The Largest in the Region Most mature Supporting Facilities Highest Occupancy.

Hotline: 027-6188 0888

Project Area: 1080000 m2

Building Type: Residence. Shop

Project Location:88, Jvlong Avenue, Panlongcheng(Beside the Zhongbai Storage Supermarket)


Project Status:Sell Out

Project Overview

Wuhan MHome Gentlefolk Renhe Tiandi is located in the center of Jvlong Avenue, the arterial line of Panlongcheng, Wuhan, 6 kilometers away from Wuhan Tianhe Airport, 5 kilometers away from Hankou Railway Station and 800 meters away from the airport extension line of Metro Line 2 under construction. With a total planning of 810 mu, the project is divided into six groups (Taihe Garden, Guanghe Garden, Yihe Garden, Runhe Garden, Qinhe Garden and Fenghe Garden) with a total construction area of 1.08 million square meters. The products cover various types of ordinary houses, small high-rise houses and high-rise houses. At the same time, it also owns 3,600 meters of long lake coastline and 15,000 mu of lake scenery.

The Gentlefolk Renhe Tiandi Project has been settled in Panlongcheng for 9 years, and has been occupied by tens of thousands of owners. It is the largest project with the most mature supporting facilities and the largest population in the region. There are 6,000 square meters of commercial streets, 5,200 square meters of Wuhan's largest 18-class of kindergartens, 4,000 square meters of multi-functional sports clubs, and the largest community bus fleet exclusive to owners in Panlongcheng. Panloncheng's first large-scale one-stop shopping center with 12,000 square meters—Zhongbai Storage Supermarket, which was introduced with huge investment, opened in August 2010, and became the leading living and commercial core of Panlongcheng, 1.08 million square meters of mature supporting facilities and perfect planning system make it easy for residents to  enjoy their convenient life.