Shenyang MHome Fengxitai

City Axis, Olympic Sports Center, Villa-style House.

Olympic Sports Center Low-density Villa Area Prosperous but Quite Long-lived Homestead

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Project Area:About 71000 m2

Building Type: Residence.

Project Location: South of Olympic Sports Center, The Intersection of South Tiantan Street and Yinka Road, Hunnan District, Shenyang

District: Hunnan District

Price Range: Average price: 26000-28000 yuan/m2

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

Shenyang MHome Fengxitai occupies the center of Shenyang Olympic Sports Center. It is equipped with flagship mature commercial facilities such as Wanda Plaza, Yifeng Plaza, Xinglong Outlets, Red Star Macalline and Easyhome. It is adjacent to Northeast Asian authoritative medical departments such as Northeast International Hospital, The General Hospital of Shenyang Military Command and Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University, and protects family health all the time. In addition, there are cultural sites such as Shopping Art Center, Shengjing Grand Theatre, Wulihe Park, etc., which can be described as monopoly enjoyment of urban complex resources. MHome Fengxitai is a masterpiece of upgrading the ingenuity of MHome Real Estate, and it is the top work of MHome Real Estate in Shenyang. With a whole area of about 70,000 square meters, and a building area of 71,000 square meters, it is planned to be a new Chinese low-density villa area with a floor area ratio of about 1.01. Adhering to the design concept of the sequential courtyards of Mukden Imperial City and oriental aesthetic architecture, the landscape is created, and the overall planning is one street/three entrances/five gardens/seven lanes, so as to create a noble garden and a long-lived homestead. The ultra-low floor area ratio makes every villa and foreign style house have an unobstructed view of the landscape, allowing the sunlight to fully reach every room. The area range is 150-200m2 for villa, 90-150m2 for foreign style house, and 97-108m2 for small high-rise building.

house type

For the MHome Fengxitai Project, the area range is 150-200 square meters for villa, 90-150 square meters for foreign style house, and 97-108 square meters for small high-rise building.

Geographic traffic

MHome Fengxitai is located in the core of the city, adjacent to Yingpan Street Station of Metro Line 2, and surrounded by Bus 152 and Bus 108, Tram Line 1 and Tram Line 2. Connect South Shenyang Golden Corridor, urban ring road and expressway, and densely weave ground road network; People can choose three modes of transportation: subway, light rail and high-speed rail. They can also go directly to Taoxian Airport in a short time and take global flights.