Shenyang MHome MiLord Impression

300m due south of Olympic Sports Center

Next to Olympic Sports Center Large Comprehensive Mature Community


Project Area:340000 m2

Building Type: Residence. Store

Project Location: The Intersection of Jinka Road and South Fumin Street, Hunnan District(300 meters south of Olympic Sports Center)

District: Hunnan District

Project Status:Sell Out

Project Overview

Shenyang MHome MiLord Impression is located in the core area of Hunnan District, only 300 meters south of the Olympic Sports Center, near Hunnan Avenue in the north, South Fumin Street in the east and Wanda Plaza in the west. The total area of the project is about 340,000 square meters, and the planned building area is 1.22 million square meters, which is divided into four groups for rolling development. After years of development and construction, nearly 5,000 owners have been occupied. Real-life existing houses are perfectly presented, and MiLord Impression create a large-scale comprehensive mature community for Olympic Sports.
Commercial supporting facilities: Around the MiLord Impression Project, a one-stop commercial shopping group of Olympic Sports Core is gathered, close to Wanda, Yifeng Plaza, Xinglong Outlets, Pan-China Shopping Center, Tesco, CR Vanguard, Wal-Mart and other large supermarkets, enjoying all-round life enjoyment integrating shopping, fashion, entertainment and food.

 Transportation: The project is close to the exit of Metro Line 2. More than ten bus lines and trams pass around the project. The nearby Metro Line 9 has also started construction, and people living here will experience the smooth life of double subway 3-D transportation network in the future.

Living facilities: In terms of educational facilities, Hunnan No.1 Primary School and Experimental No.1 Primary School are located near the project, and Taiwan Dadi Kindergarten, a well-known preschool education institution, has been stationed in the park, so that children can enjoy whole-process quality education. In terms of medical facilities, there are many famous hospitals near the project, such as Hunnan Branch of The General Hospital of Shenyang Military Command and Shengjing Hospital, to protect the health of the owners.

Community Planning: The Community has a wide distance between buildings, multiple landscapes in the center, perfect integration of light, landscape and space, and strives to comprehensively improve the living quality near the Olympic Sports Center from product design to construction, and create a perfect image of the city landmark.