Shenyang MHome Gentlefolk Mansion

First-line river view existing house, adjacent to Hunhe River

Along the Hun River Bank Next to the Changbai Island


Project Area: 190000 m2

Building Type: Residence. Store

Project Location: Jinyang Avenue, Hunnan District, Shenyang

District: Hunnan District

Project Status:Sell Out

Project Overview

Standing by Hun River, the Shenyang MHome Gentlefolk Mansion is a first-class riverside house. Consisting of 6 high-rise buildings and 16 foreign style houses, it is a community with a total area of 70,000 ㎡, a building area of nearly 190,000 ㎡, a floor area ratio of 2.0, and a greening area of up to 35%; Adjacent to 190,000 square meters of beach park, Shenshuiwan Park, riverside green belt, Shenshuiwan Golf and Jiangnan Golf Courses, this project enjoys a unique landscape of lake and river; With a fashionable and simple modern facade style design, a super-large building spacing of 35~40 meters and large-area rare waterscape planning, this is the only high-grade projects in the region that are really adjacent to the waters.

The project is located between the Olympic Sports Area and Changbai Area, and gathers the core resources of Hunnan, Heping and Shenhe Districts. With a bright future and huge development space, the project is adjacent to Wulihe Business Area in the north, only 500m away from Sanhao Bridge and Hunhe Bridge, and people can quickly go to the center of the city.

Wanda Plaza, Pan-China Shopping Center, Yifeng Times Plaza and Xinglong Outlets are close at hand, providing a strong living atmosphere for you to enjoy shopping. Supermarkets such as Metro, Wal-Mart, Tesco, Yonghui and Happy Family make it convenient for you to shop! EasyHome, Suning Appliance, etc. gather around, realizing a real perfect living. In addition, the project is close to the subway entrance, only 200 meters away from Jinyang Street Station, and you can take the Line 9 and Line 10 in three minutes' walk, thus enjoying the acceleration of life. The No.188 bus stop sign is downstairs, and there are many bus lines such as No.154 and No.272. In addition to driving a private car, you can experience green travel occasionally.

The highest realm of living form is to blend with nature. The flowing landscape water system of nearly 5,000 square meters is spread around the community, with a height difference of nearly 1 meter between north and south, forming an excellent landscape where every household can appreciate the scenery and every household faces the water. Overlooking the gurgling water, and enjoying the endless dense forest and natural scenery. Above the hubbub, meeting "beauty" and looking forward to infinite scenery, both identity and life are sublimated here. Meet “MHome” amidst the noise life, you can appreciate the infinite landscape, and your identity and life will be sublimated here.