Wuhu MHomeMiLord Impression

Super high-rise river view mansion, large-scale theme business, international dynamic block, gentlefolk SOHO, high-grade office building and luxury business …

Urban Central Commercial Area Riverside Park

Project Area:487900 m2

Building Type: Residence. Commercial Building

Project Location: 3, Middle Changjiang Road, Wuhu

District: Wuhu

Project Status:Sell Out

Project Overview

Wuhu MHomeMiLord Impression is located in the core business area of Wuhu City, belonging to Jinghu District, which is located in the core area of Binjiang Park, which is known as "Shanghai Bund" in Wuhu. It is less than 1km away from Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street - one of the top ten pedestrian streets in China and Wal-Mart. The project faces the street on all sides, with convenient transportation, hospitals, schools, banks, hotels, post offices and other supporting facilities equipped. The uniqueness of its regional commercial value cannot be duplicated, and its appreciation potential is limitless.

The project covers an area of 87,000 square meters, with a planned total construction area of about 487,900 square meters and a floor area ratio of 4.0, including 367,900 square meters above ground and 122,100 square meters underground. It consists of several buildings, such as super high-rise river-view mansion, large-scale theme business, international dynamic block, celebrity SOHO, high-grade office building and luxury business hotel. There are more than 2,000 parking spaces for motor vehicles and nearly 10,000 parking spaces for non-motor vehicles.

The architectural design style is a modern minimalist style, which is arranged at random, not sticking to the traditional architectural mode, and reflecting the smart aesthetic feeling of the building and broadening the horizon to the greatest extent. The ground floor of Building 4 and Building 5 is overhead, with a height of 5.4 meters, forming a leisure area integrating landscape, greening, leisure and entertainment. The unique inner patio design of Building 3, 4 and 5, and the transparent inner and middle floors will collect natural flavor. The two-bedroom apartment of residential products is square, with compact and practical layout. The three bedrooms are separated from each other, and residents can enjoy the first-line river view with the north-south all-transparent feature.

Through the overall landscape design, the dynamic commercial landscape (three-dimensional greening, roof greening, square hard landscape) will create a pleasant commercial architectural landscape atmosphere. The roof greening along South Jihe Road and the open sunken square landscape form a transparent commercial street scene with urban characteristics.

In terms of ground transportation, motor vehicle streamlines, pedestrian streamlines and cargo streamlines are taken into comprehensive consideration, and traffic diversion at motor vehicle entrances and exits is strictly controlled along South Jihe Road and West Beijing Road.

MiLord Impression Commercial Part- MHome Plaza covers an area of nearly 160,000 square meters, inheriting the prosperous history of old Jihe Street and the century-old business vein. The overall name is MHome Life Plaza, relying on the international urban complex with celebrity impression of 500,000 m2, it is a 160,000 m2 large-scale commercial cluster consisting of 50,000  m2 large-scale theme business, 15,000 m2 exquisite business hotel, 25,000 m2 elite office building, 35,000 m2 celebrity SOHO, 35,000 m2 boutique pedestrian street and neighborhood service center. Create a one-stop experience consumption destination integrating shopping, dining, leisure, entertainment, parent-child and sightseeing with innovative business thinking, and make it a super life experience area that highlights fashion and elegant style and leads a new lifestyle and consumption trend.

Relying on the natural landscape of the Yangtze River, the commercial charm of Old Jihe Market, and the resources of Binjiang Park, the MiLord Impression after completion will lead fashion consumption with modern fashion architecture and diversified business combination, and become a new landmark for Wuhu city center.