Xi’an MHome Time

Essence of time, Craftsmen build MHome

The 3rd Ring Road. Healthy Life MHome · Star-rated Property Literary Atmosphere · All-excellent System. A Private Park of 90000m2

Project Slogan: The Essence of Time. The Craftsmanship of MHome


Project Area: 110350㎡

Building Type: Residence

Project Location: 200 meters east of the intersection of South 3rd Ring Road and Yanyin Road

District: Qujiang New District

Project Website: http://meihaoshiguang029.fang.com/?ctm=1.xian.xf_search.lplist.1

Price Range: Average price: 11232 yuan/m2

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

The MHome Time project covers an area of 165 mu, about 110,300 square meters, with a total construction area of 447,000 square meters, including 346,000 square meters above ground and 101,000 square meters underground; There are 14 buildings in the overall planning of the community, with a total of 3,060 households and a parking space ratio of 1:1. The project is developed in four phases, with low density, nature, luxurious ecology, comfort, and north-south all-transparent features. There are nine theme gardens and kilometers of jogging trails in the community to create an interactive landscape experience regardless of age. 5200 square meters of prosperous commercial and community brand kindergartens can meet your daily demands.

house type

92-165㎡, three-bedroom and four-bedroom type

Geographic traffic

Qujiang MHome Time is located 200 meters east of the intersection of South 3rd Ring Road and Yanyin Road. The 3rd Ring Road is the golden belt of Xi 'an, which plays an irreplaceable role in economic development. The road speed is above 80 mph, and people can smoothly go to all parts of the southeast and northwest of Xi 'an within one hour. Wudianpo Road at the entrance of the project has been widened and opened to traffic. At present, the road section at the entrance of the project has been completed, and the road section connecting Yanxiang Road has also been completed. It has become the only main traffic road crossing Baotou-Maoming Expressway and passing buses in the surrounding area of the project. It is worth mentioning that Jinhutuo Station of Metro Line 4 is very close to our project, so you can easily enjoy the convenient life brought by the subway in just a few minutes.