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Together with the Yangtze River

Large Community Riverside Landscape Fully Installation of Heating

Project Slogan: Spread with Yangtze River


Project Area: 600000 m2Building Type: Residence

Project Location: Intersection of Nnjiao Road and West Lishui Road,Qingling Street, Hongshan

District: Hongshan District, Wuhan

Project Site: http://changjiangshouximh.fang.com/

Price Range: Average price: 12500 yuan/m2(incl. 2500 yuan/m2 refined decoration)

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

The project is located in the radiation zone of the Yangtze River main axis to the south of the 3rd  Ring Road, at the intersection of Lishui Road and Nanjiao, Baishazhou Avenue in the east, Baishazhou Bridge in the north, Qingling Lake and Huangjiahu University City in the east. It is rich in landscape resources and is a veritable humanistic livable place. At the same time, this project is located in the radiation area of the Yangtze River New Town planned by the government. With the continuous assistance of government construction, the development potential of the region is immeasurable.

In terms of transportation, as a transportation hub, this project enjoys the transportation facilities of "Three Bridges and Two Roads" (Three Bridges: Baishazhou Bridge, Yingwuzhou Bridge, Yangsigang Bridge; Two roads: Baishazhou Avenue and Wujindi Road), and people can reach the three towns in fifteen minutes;

The section where the project is located is of high quality and rich in external supporting facilities, especially in education and landscape resources; In terms of landscape, the whole community is surrounded by the Yangtze River, Qingling Lake, Huangjia Lake, Qingling River and 8000m2 municipal parks. It can be said that it is the only project in the region and even Wuhan that integrates "one river, two lakes, one river and two parks"; In terms of education, there are Luxiang Primary School, Zhuodaoquan Middle School and Huangjiahu University City outside the community;

The whole project consists of three plots, namely K1/K2/K3, which are developed in three phases. The project covers an area of 160,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 600,000 square meters. The overall architectural style of the community is the urban mainstream simple, simple but stunning European style with a sense of design. Internally, adhering to the concept of "taking the good home", it promotes the triple gardens of noble etiquette home system, beautiful livable living system and multi-dynamic fitness system, forming the living experience of double parks inside and outside; Property services are implemented by MHome properties under the MHome Group, adhering to the "four-in-one" volunteer butler service, giving full play to the role of volunteers, making volunteers become the main force of the community. All the staff of MHome Group take the MHome values of "health, happiness, friendship, creation and value" as their purpose and the mission of "building a better home and creating a better life together", and each MHome community will become a "paradise for the elderly, a wonderland for children and a harbour for fighters" by improving the happiness index of residents in the community, so that more people will have a better life.

house type

It mainly sells three-bedroom products with an area of 95 square meters and 123 square meters, and four-bedroom products with an area of 152 square meters.

Geographic traffic

The project is close to the 3rd Ring Road and Baishazhou Avenue, and people can quickly reach Wuchang Railway Station and Simenkou Business Area, Zhongnan Business Area, Jiedaokou Business Area, Optics Valley Business Area and Xudong Business Area to the north, integrating shopping, entertainment and leisure, and the commercial value tells its own tale; It is adjacent to Huangjiahu University City in the south. At present, there are Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, Wuhan University of Science and Technology Branch, Yangtze River College and other universities, which have a strong humanistic and academic atmosphere; Go west through the Baishazhou Bridge of the 3rd Ring Road to the Hanyang Sixin Area; On the whole, the location of the 3rd Ring Road where the project is located owns transportation advantages, people can directly reach the three towns of Wuhan and the regional core hub position from here, and the appreciation potential is self-evident.