Hangzhou Majestic Mansion

New Chinese-style, Organical combination of traditional aesthetics and modern lifestyle

Mature Community Convenient Transportation Ecological Community


Project Area: 23835㎡

Building Type: Residence

Project Location: The Intersection of Wuyue Road and Tianyi Road, Lin’an District, Hangzhou

District:Jinnan New City, Lin’an District, Hangzhou.

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

Located in Lin 'an District, Hangzhou. Since the city was changed from a city to a district in 2017, the pace of Lin 'an's integration with Hangzhou has been accelerating. With the accelerated construction of "One Expressway, Two Railways and Three Fast Lanes", that is, the Hangzhou-Huizhou Expressway and Hanglin Intercity Railway, which are expected to be opened in 2019. Lin 'an is about to realize convenient and accessible transportation throughout the whole region, and the effect of Hangzhou-Lin’an urbanization is very obvious. Lin 'an, which is not restricted by the purchase restriction policy, has obvious price advantage compared with the housing price of more than 40,000 in the main city. The project is located at the intersection of Wuyue Street and Tianyi Road in Jinnan New City, Lin 'an, with a total floor area of 23,835 m2, a total construction area of about 77,000 m2, a floor area ratio of 2.2, and a green space rate of 30%. It is planned to build one 13-storey, two 18-storey small high-rise residential buildings and two 20-storey high-rise residential buildings (with an area of about 97-137m2), with a total of 5 buildings and 434 households. A total of 534 motor vehicle parking spaces are set up inside the project, including 65 ground parking spaces, 469 underground parking spaces and 880 non-motor vehicle parking spaces. The new Chinese architectural style is adopted for the architectural style of the project, which organically combines traditional aesthetics with modern lifestyle, and the overall style is coordinated and unified. In the overall planning, the east-west arrangement is adopted, so as to maximize the broad vision and sufficient lighting. The scattered arrangement of buildings is mainly to maximize the public space and green area of the community, thus ensuring the quality of the community and providing enough leisure and entertainment venues for the owners.

house type

Majestic Mansion is located at the intersection of Wuyue Street and Tianyi Road, Lin 'an District, Hangzhou, with a high-rise design and a building area of 97-137m2 for each household.

Geographic traffic

Wuyue Street in the north of the project is an urban trunk road, which connects Linglongshan Road, Jintian Road, Wanma Road, Jinjiang Road and Qianjin Avenue in turn. Driving from Wuyue Street, an important trunk road connecting the main urban area of Hangzhou, via Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway for more than 30 kilometers, people can directly reach the main urban area of Hangzhou. In addition, there is another major traffic advantage. The Lin 'an Square Station of Hangzhou-Lin’an Intercity Railway under construction is only about 1 km away from this project, which greatly promotes the connection between Lin 'an and the main urban area of Hangzhou. At the same time, it also ensures that the owner of this project can travel to Hangzhou more conveniently. The project is also very close to the old city. Multiple buses such as K7, K101 and K102 are available to reach the old city of Lin 'an, and the bus stop will be set up at the entrance of the community to facilitate your daily travel.