Wuhan MHome Changjiang Courtyard

Peach blossoms in heart Courtyard in life

Low Density Regionally Scarce Landscape Architecture


Project Area: About 140000 m2

Building Types: Residence

Project Location: Next to Provincial Highway 103, Xintan Cooperation

Zone, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone

District: Economic and Technological Development Zone

Price Range: To be confirmed

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

The MHome Future New City Project is located in Xintan, the sub-center of the city in the northeast corner of Honghu city, bordering Hannan, enjoying the Yangtze River Channel, connecting Sichuan and Chongqing to Shanghai and Hangzhou. It is is the only strategic node entering the "Two circles, One Belt and one Zone" in Hubei Province. As a demonstration park of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, a "New City of Vehicle", Xintan can undertake 100 billion industries in the Great Economic Development Zone, and now more than 200 enterprises have settled in it. The layout of Geely, Yitai Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Xinrui Huiheng, Changbo, etc. makes Xintan become an economic bridgehead with full functions, which is mainly based on intelligent network connection and new energy and flying automobile industries, supplemented by green new material assembly buildings and medical and biological industries.

The MHome Future New City is planned to be an organic city of 69 square kilometers in the Central China Economic Cooperation Zone, with the integration of the four districts and the internationalization to build a modern vitality model. The layout is as follows: core supporting area, water town living area, lakeside living area, green industrial area and rural complex. As the commencing work in this city, the core supporting area covers an area of about 9.33km², and comprehensively builds the fields of industry, tourism, education, wisdom and residence, laying the foundation for the future development of a big city. The first phase of the MHome Changjiang Courtyard in the Opening Area I of the project is planned to be a private shore villa of about 127-212m2. The multi-storey and high-rise buildings are reasonably laid out, which is scarce and low-density. The comfort and broadness of the main residence of the high hall are fully interpreted to create an elegant and livable courtyard villa.

house type

The first phase of the MHome Changjiang Courtyard in the Opening Area I of the project is planned to be a private shore villa of about 127-212m2, with all the courtyards and terraces as gift, and a large area of cantilevered structure will be given to create the most cost-effective quality villas. In the courtyard with a wide field of vision, you can appreciate the sun, moon and stars, enjoy the beauty of the four seasons, have a wide pattern, appreciate the world, and have a graceful life; The bedroom is equipped with a separate cloakroom and you can enjoy a leisurely and private territory; Situational terrace, extending the natural breeze indoors; In your spare time, you can invite some confidants to cheer in the courtyard. After busy work every day, you can immerse yourself in your own courtyard, sit and watch the swirling clouds, appreciate the flowers, and enjoy the pleasant life.

Geographic traffic

The project is 60 kilometers away from Honghu City, and it takes about 50 minutes to reach Honghu City through Provincial Highway 103; Wuhan city can be reached by Wuhan-Jianli Expressway, with a distance of 50 kilometers and a drive of about 50 minutes; Jianli can be reached through Honghu-Jianli Expressway; Drive for 30 minutes through the 4th Ring Road to Jiangxia and Dongxihu and 40 minutes to the 3rd Ring Road; Drive to Baishazhou, Hongshan, Wuchang and Optics Valley via Meizi Interchange;; It takes 50 minutes to Jianghan District via Yuehu Bridge. S43 Xiaochang-Honghu Expressway is on the south side of the plot, and S13 Wuhan-Jianli Expressway is on the west side, creating a convenient urban road network. In the future, the extension line of Metro Line 16 will be planned, and people can directly reach Hanyang Avenue, the main road of Hanyang District, Wuhan, and become a new public transportation hub between Xintan and Wuhan city center. It is estimated that 13 new roads will be built in 2019-2020 to reshape the traffic network of Xintan. Community micro-circulation bus system will be planned in the area, which integrates living bus, sightseeing bus and leisure cruise ship to create a convenient urban traffic intranet.