Hangzhou MHome Jinyun Sky Blue

Cover development of Line 16 · City new TOD masterpiece · Light assets with a construction area of about 80-115m2

TOD Complex Beside the Asian Games Venue Urban Light Asset

Hotline: 400-763-1618

Project Area: 207000 m2

Building Type: Residence. Commercial building

Project Location: A Entrance of Jiuzhoujie Station of Metro Line 16, The Intersection of Jiuzhou Street and Feicui Road, Lin’an District, Hangzhou. Project Website: http://www.kan3721.com/newhouse/show-1606.html

Price Range: To be confirmed.

Project Status:For Sale

Project Overview

NO.1 Projection Location

The 10th District of Hangzhou. 30-min Radius Community Life Circle

In the era of "post-summit, pre-Asian Games", Hangzhou's urban map keeps moving westward. In August 2017, Lin 'an became a district from a city. Hangzhou ushered in the "Tenth District", and the urban pattern jumped again. Committed to the comprehensive integration of transportation, city and industry with the main urban area of Hangzhou in three to five years. Actively build a new traffic pattern of "one expressways, two railways, three fast lanes", and realize the 30-minute Hangzhou life circle.

Beside the Asian Games Venue. Share the Asian Games with Hangzhou.
MHome Jinyun Sky Blue is located in the core section of Jinnan New Town, only one way away from the venues of the 2022 Asian Games, where Taekwondo and wrestling will be carried out. At that time, about 36 gold medals will be produced in the preliminaries and finals, and this event will win world attention together with Hangzhou. The project will also enjoy the magnificent bonus of the Asian Games by virtue of its unique location advantage.

√ Science- and technology- Oriented. Reshape the Pattern and Take Off.

Jinnan New Town is located at the western starting point of Science and Technology Innovation Corridor in the west of Hangzhou. It adheres to the high-tech orientation and takes high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, and biomedical industry as the leading factors, and vigorously promotes the process of industrial modernization. The Future Science and Technology City - Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City - Jinnan New City are connected by one line, and the potential energy of Hangzhou Silicon Valley is extended, which will surely detonate the value eruption of Jinnan New City.

Policy Advantage. No Purchase Restriction.
Thanks to the government policy, Lin 'an is the only city in Hangzhou that is not restricted by the purchase restriction policy, which means that one can buy real estate in Lin 'an without paying one year's social insurance in Hangzhou. Lin 'an is a wise choice for living and asset allocation.

NO.2 Convenient Transportation

Cover of Metro Line 16. Meet the Whole World.

TOD city complex is the city center. As the first TOD masterpiece in Lin 'an, the project is located on the top of Metro Line 16 [Jiuzhoujie Station], and it takes only 38 minutes to go to Hangzhou and seamlessly connect with Metro Lines 3 and 5; With the stunning iteration of "multi-dimensional transportation + complex + residence" mode, it can meet almost all the three-dimensional business needs of life.

Two Horizontals and three Verticals. Multi-dimensional Road Network Connects the Whole City

Relying on the "two horizontals" of Jiuzhou Road and North Wuzhong Road (planning), and the "three verticals" of Yunjin Road, Yunjin Road and Feicui Road, the project can quickly connect the center of Lin 'an District with Jinnan Block. People can go to Lin 'an City along the main road Jiuzhou Road, and directly reach the main city of Hangzhou via Hangzhou-Huizhou Expressway.

NO.3 Bountiful Supporting Facilities

√ Jinnan PowerLong Plaza. Another Prosperous Center.

Adjacent to Jinnan PowerLong Plaza (the third Powerlong Plaza in Lin 'an)of about 45,000 square meters, whose volume far exceeds Vanvas Plaza. In the future, relying on the professional commercial operation strength of PowerLand brand, this plaza will surely become the new home of prosperous plate, and you can enjoy one-stop metropolis life here.

Integration of Culture and Education. Full of Literary Atmosphere.

Cultural and Sports Center: The cultural and sports center with an area of about 10,000 square meters has been operated to public, and some health and leisure industries have settled in;

Asian Games Venue: Lin’an Sports Culture Exhibition Center Gymnasium(Asian Games Venue) is opposite to the project across the road;

Surrounded by Famous Schools: Primary School affiliated to Communication University of China (under construction), Jinnan Central Kindergarten, Jinnan New City Primary School (under construction), Tianmu Junior High School (one road away) and Pacican Elementary School (with a straight line distance of about 650 meters). This region is rich in educational resources, providing children with an elite future.

Protected by 3A Hospitals. Health Experts at the Doorstep.

The Lin 'an Campus of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital (planned) is only 2.5 kilometers away from the project. As the first 3A hospital in Lin 'an, it owns a planned land area of 209 mu, a construction area of 300,000 square meters, a planned bed of 1,500-2,000, and an investment of 1.9 billion. It will be completed and put into use in 2022; The project is surrounded by medical facilities such as Lin 'an Orthopedic Hospital and Lin 'an Maternal and Child Health Hospital, which can protect your health in all directions and make life more secure.

NO.4  Craftsmanship Masterpiece.

Reasonable Layout. Nature and Prosperity Exchanges.

The total construction area of the project is about 162,000 square meters, which is a pure high-rise residential area. The buildings are lined up to regulate the central axis landscape and maximize the central landscape garden; So that every household can appreciate the central landscape, the lighting and ventilation are optimized, and the natural infiltration between nature and buildings is achieved.

Minimalist Building, Outlining Modern Aesthetics.

The project extracts classic elements from minimalist architecture in the world, creates exquisite modern style, utilizes golden ratio aesthetics, spares no expense, and selects quality profiles with strict standards, which is more noble, beautiful and delicate. The style is extraordinary, and it can still be brand-new after being polished by time. Standing on the cover of Jinnan Core, it fully demonstrates the fashion of cosmopolitan city, and becomes a facade work that fits the aesthetics of the times.

Landscape Biaxial. The 2nd Living Room of Metropolis Habitat.

Parallel double landscape axes will be created for this project, with one ring, two axes and five gardens as the layout, and the landscape nodes are arranged on them in turn to form an orderly viewing experience; The landscape space is provided with all-age activity venues, landscape reception rooms, neighborhood interaction places, etc. It is the "second living room" for the owners to enjoy leisure time after living at home.

house type

Geographic traffic

Subway: It is about 50 meters away from the Entrance A of Line 16 and about 150 meters away from the Entrance D. The Entrance E is directly connected to the exclusive passage of residential buildings and the commercial plot (under construction) is "zero" distance away. People can reach Hangzhou in 38 minutes and seamlessly take Metro Lines 3 and 5; West Bus Station: About 300 meters from the northwest corner of the project, diagonally opposite the cultural and sports center, which is expected to be put into use in 2021;