Hefei MHome Yungu I

South of Hefei government affairs new area. Jinzhai Road. Show place for talents.

MHome Brand Prefabricated Buildings

Hotline: 0551-6557 3333

Project Area: 32351.9㎡

Building Type: Residence. Commercial buildings. Other supporting ancillary facilities

Project Location: The Intersection of Yungu Road and Feiguang Road, Hefei..

Exhibition Hall Add.: 1/F, Super Brand Hall.(The Intersection of South Jinzhai Road and Furong Road, Shushan District, Hefei)

District: Feixi County

Project Website: http://hf.fang.anjuke.com/loupan/478095.html?from=loupanlist_sslx(Anjuke) http://meihaoyunxi.fang.com/ (Fang.com)

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

MHome Yungu I is a brand-new masterpiece created by MHome Real Estate after 15 years of effort in Hefei. Located in the south of the government affairs center at the intersection of Yungu Road and Feiguang Road in Hefei, it occupies the future center of the city, and the surrounding transportation system is perfect. With humanized infrastructure and complete public facilities, the project covers five high-rise buildings and supporting commercial buildings with a building area of about 89-106 ㎡. Wisdom high-level, coming soon. At present, the Exhibition Hall (1/F, Super Brand Hall) has been grandly opened, waiting for your arrival and appreciation.

house type

Located in the intersection of Yungu Road and Feiguang Road, MHome Yungu I project is planned to be a smart high-rise building with a building area of 89-106m2.

Geographic traffic

Located in the intersection of Yungu Road and Feiguang Road, this project connects two urban main roads, i.e. Fangxing Avenue running through east and west and Jinzhai Road running across north and south. It takes 15 minutes to drive to INTIME CITY in government affairs area, 18 minutes to the lakeside Century Golden Resources Shopping Mall and 20 minutes to Super Brand Mall in Shushan District. The project is close to Yungu Road Station of Metro Line 3 (under construction), and people can enjoy eating, drinking and having fun all over the city directly via the multidimensional traffic network.