Wuhan MHome Flower Border

Near the Garden Expo

Golden Cross A Massing of 430 000 m2

Hotline: 027-8361 4188

Project Area: 430,000 m2

Building Types: Residence; Shop.

Project Location:The Intersection of Gutian 2nd Road and Yuanbo Avenue, Qiaokou, Wuhan

District: Qiaokou District.

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

Wuhan MHome Flower Border is an old city reconstruction project of Changfeng Village, Gutian, which belongs to MHome Real Estate. The project is located in Gutian Golden Cross, Qiaokou District, Hankou, with a massing of 430,000 square meters. The project fully implements the company's values and MHome vision, fulfills the purpose of "making society better" with practical actions, integrates "love" into the community. With the unique value system of "four-in-one fully covered service, MHome household satisfaction center and MHome volunteer service", it is committed to building the community into a "paradise for the elderly, a wonderland for children and a harbor for fighters"!

In terms of transportation, the project is located at the intersection of Gutian Second Road and Yuanbo Avenue, with the Second Ring Road, the Third Ring Road, Changfeng Avenue, Gutian Second Road and Gutian Bridge running vertically and horizontally. Moreover, the project is close to Light Rail Line 1, and the future Metro Line 13 will pass along Yuanbo Avenue in the south of the project, from which Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang can be reached quickly.

In terms of supporting facilities, the project is close to IKEA Shopping Center and CapitaLand Shopping Plaza, enjoying the landscape of Garden Expo Park. At the same time, the project itself owns nearly 30,000 square meters of garden supporting facilities, with about 26,000 square meters of garden-style scene commercial street (Weifeng Plaza).