Dongguan MHome MiLord Impression

Directly enjoy the municipal supporting facilities worth 180 billion yuan in Universiade New City

Mountains Mingle With Water Wide and Sound Natural Resources

Hotline: 4008-620-888

Project Area:128600 m2

Building Type: Residence. Store

Project Location:9, South Longping Road, Fenggang Town, Dongguan

District: Fenggang Town

Project Status:Sell Out

Project Overview

Dongguan MHome MiLord Impression is located at the junction of Fenggang Town in Dongguan and Longgang in Shenzhen, surrounded by mountains and rivers, including Guanjingtou Reservoir,  Yingzui Mountain with an area of 9 million m2 and other excellent natural landscape resources. There are many business districts around it, such as Yitian Holiday Shopping Plaza, Galaxy COCOPark, Sam’s Club, Haiya Department Store, Vanke Plaza, Rainbow and other large shopping centers, which are excellent areas for living and leisure.

The project is close to Longgang Tian An Cyber Park and Universiade New Town, and directly enjoys the municipal supporting facilities of Universiade New Town worth 180 billion yuan. The transportation is convenient and efficient, and it takes only 5 minutes by car to Longgang Center. Shuiguan Expressway, North Passage, Danping Expressway, Long Ping Road, Qinglin West Road and other expressways and main roads run through the surrounding areas; Metro Line 3, known as the "Universiade Special Line", and Metro Line 12, which connects Longgang Central City and Eastern New City, will extend westward, pass through Fenggang, and connect Pinghu and Guanlan, realizing the seamless connection with Shenzhen. Good location and the advantage of "price depression" are the preferred properties for "investment and self-occupation".

This project covers an area of 128,600 ㎡, with a total construction area of about 500,000 ㎡, a floor area ratio of 2.5 and a greening rate of 34%, and is developed in three phases. Among them, the first phase covers an area of 36,397.85 ㎡, with a total construction area of 140,342.39 ㎡. There are 8 high-rise residential buildings. From north to south along Long Ping Road, there are 2 31-storey residential buildings and 2 28-storey residential buildings, and 4 17-27-storey residential buildings are set up close to the mountain in the south. The building height decreases in turn, and the whole style is patchwork, forming a beautiful city skyline, which is surrounded by California gardens with unique customs to form a enclosed courtyard. The apartment has two to four rooms of 75-144㎡, and has designed a rare duplex product of 88 square meters which is popular in the market. It was sold out at the opening, and the first phase was sold out in just one year, and the building will be handed over in August. There are two rooms, three rooms or four rooms (75-144m2), and a rare duplex product of 88 square meters popular in the market has been designed. It was sold out at the opening, and the first phase was sold out in just one year, and the building will be handed over in August.

The second phase covers an area of 74,437.18 square meters, with a total construction area of about 300,921.17 ㎡, which is currently selling well. There are 15 high-rise residential buildings with a garden area of about 63,000 ㎡ and a greening rate of 30%, with a total of 2,151 households. The house type includes two to five bedrooms(79-192㎡), and the design of three balconies with households facing south highlights the three-dimensional landscape of the community and maximizes the vision of the landscape garden. In terms of architectural design, the second phase returns to the design concept of New Asian style, and integrates with the whole 9 million ㎡ Yingzui Mountain in a simple and pure purist style, which makes the residents return to tranquility and nature and pursue the comfort and taste of living. The well-designed central waterscape with an area of 1000㎡, the leisure club with an area of 1000㎡, the outdoor swimming pool of an area of 1500㎡ and the characteristic commercial street with an area of 10000can meet the daily needs such as shopping, leisure and entertainment of the owners.

Phase III covers an area of 17,781.46 square meters with a total construction area of about 57,203.77 m2.