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Project Area: 107504.13㎡

Building Type: Residence

Project Location: West Side of Zipeng Mountain Scenic Area, Hefei

District: Feixi County

Project Website:http://hf.fang.anjuke.com/loupan/242283.html?pi=Alading-bdpc-xf-jingzhun-free-title Price Range: 11,000 to 16,000

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

Hefei MHome Zipeng Mountain I, a Golf MHome Town of Hefei Hushan, is located in the national 4A-level Zipeng Mountain Scenic Area and enjoys a unique natural environment. There are Zipeng Mountain with an area of about 3,500 hectares, Dayan Bay with an area of about 80 hectares, more than 470 kinds of plants and more than 120 kinds of birds, and the vegetation coverage rate is over 96.3%. People can enjoy a pure and natural life here. The project is characterized by high-end villas such as courtyard, townhouse, duplex and semi-detached villa, with star-rated hotels, golf, 169-mu sports parks, and residents' satisfaction center as supporting facilities, creating 460,000 square meters of ecological pure villa residential areas with a building area of about 135-480㎡(floor area), and offering a poetic dwelling place for people in Luzhou.

house type

MHome Zipeng Mountain I Project is located in Zipeng Mountain Scenic Area. It is planned to be a low-density villa of 135㎡-480㎡. The product types include: courtyard:135-167㎡, townhouse:165-250㎡, duplex: 170-380㎡, and semi-detached villa: 315-480㎡.

Geographic traffic

Located in Zipeng Mountain Scenic Area, this project connects two urban main roads, i.e. Fanhua Avenue running through east and west and Fangxing Avenue running across north and south. It takes only about 30 minutes to drive from this project along Fanhua Avenue to Economic Development Zone and Government Affairs Area, and only 50 minutes along Fangxing Avenue to South High-speed Railway Station and Xinqiao Airport. Metro Line 4 will extend to South China City, which is about 10 minutes' drive from this project. At the same time, Hefei will widen and renovate the Fanhua Avenue, design two-way eight-lanes, add a 7-meter-wide central green, and become the most beautiful landscape road in southwest Hefei. The construction conditions of trams and BRT (bus lanes) will be reserved, which will connect the South High-speed Railway Station with South China City.