Hefei MHome Gentlefolk Golf Manor

Covering an area of 3,000 mu, it is surrounded by mountains green trees

Back to Zipeng Mountain Facing Dayan Lake

Project Area: 450000 m2

Building Type: Villa

Project Location: Beside Zipeng Bay Stadium, Zipeng Mountain Scenic Area, Feixi County

District: Feixi County

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

Hefei MHome Gentlefolk Golf Manor is located in Zipeng Mountain, the first mountain in Luyang, Feixi County, Hefei City, Anhui Province. The forest ecology of the scenic area is well maintained and there are many places of interest. It has many cultural landscapes, such as natural ecological landscape of hills, Buddhist culture, Wei Bao Cluster in the hometown of Huai Army, and sports training base. The project is about 30 kilometers away from Hefei City, backed by Zipeng Mountain, facing Dayan Lake, surrounded by mountains and green trees, and the environment is very beautiful. The whole project covers a total land area of 3,000 mu, with a total floor area of 450,000 square meters. At present, the No.5 plot of Phase I has been developed, covering an area of 63 mu, with a floor area of 29,000 square meters and a plot ratio of 1.0. There are 72 households and 28 buildings in Phase I, which are divided into three groups, namely, 11 in villa/Semi-detached villa area in District D, 6 in courtyard area in District Y and 11 in townhouse area in District L, with an area ranging from 200m2 to 630m2.

The facade design of the whole building complex has both Huizhou culture and exotic customs, and is patchwork and flexible in shape. The main functional rooms take the landscape orientation into consideration, and a large number of viewing terraces, balconies, verandas, etc. will be designed, and people can enjoy the beautiful sunshine and fresh air anytime and anywhere, and create the most humane space with fine techniques. Every family has its own courtyard, and the apartment design fully considers the needs of the owner's identity and privacy, and sets up four related and relatively independent spaces. The special design of the patio makes the first to fourth floors enjoy good daylighting. The exterior wall of the building is made of exterior wall brick, stone, wood and wrought iron combined with Chinese color exterior paint, which not only inherits the tradition but also shows the charm of modern technology and materials.

In the warm park of the community, the landscape elements are arranged according to the elegant flowing curve, from the higher lawn to the lower lawn with scaffolding, and then to the isolated fountain. The steps pass through a gorgeous garden gate and descend to a spectacular landscape area: A stone platform overlooking the world-class golf course and the distant lakes and boats.

In order to create a quiet and safe living environment in pure residential areas, the residential areas have invested a lot of money in security. With the adoption of high technology, the security system has been greatly strengthened, and seven service systems have been introduced: CCTV monitoring subsystem, video intercom subsystem, background music and public broadcasting subsystem, entrance guard management subsystem, security electronic patrol system and perimeter alarm system to fully guarantee the privacy and safety of community owners.