Wuhu MHome Jincheng

Large balcony with wide view

Valuable House,Invaluable Life.


Project Area: 54172.9㎡

Building Type: Residence

Project Location: The Intersection of Luofuhu Road and Jingshanhe Road, Chengnan, Wuhu County

District: Wuhu County

Project Website: http://newhouse.wh.ahhouse.com/1400008419/ Price Range: Average price: 5700 yuan/m2

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

MHome Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000667.SZ) is a national real estate listed company. Wuhu MHome Jincheng is the direct product of MHome Real Estate. It is the first project of MHome Real Estate in Xinwu. The project is located in Nanhu Administrative and Cultural Area, which is the political, cultural and educational center of Wuhu County and the strategic highland for the development of Xinwu. MHome Jincheng is surrounded by "one river, one corridor and two wetlands": South Lake, a natural lake with an area of 1,500 mu (water surface area) in the north, Luofu Lake with an area of 750 mu in the north, and "one river and one corridor", namely Qingyi River and Riverside Ecological Green Corridor, in the west. Enjoy the unique external environment. Relying on the superior landform, the 14 buildings in the community have a well-organized layout and naturally stand among the shaded trees. The community greening consists of luxurious central landscape gardens, green spaces between quiet houses and multi-storey greening systems. The building density is ≤20%, the greening rate is over 35%, and the sunshine, daylighting and landscape are good for each household, creating a truly comfortable ecological low-density livable space. With a total construction area of about 150,000 square meters, the MHome Jincheng project includes high-rise residential buildings and small high-rise residential buildings. The building adopts neoclassical facade modeling, absorbing the essence of Chinese classical "neutral, upright, harmonious and elegant", blending traditional artistic conception with modern style, and organically combining humanities and practicality. All-around products, large balcony, spacious audio-visual living room and presidential suite master bedroom. Households are transparent from north to south, and residents can watch the scenery from the viewing balcony and indulge in the pleasant, peaceful and warm neighborhood atmosphere. Comfortable enjoyment is all included in the MHome Jincheng.

house type

It is planned to build 11 high-rise buildings and 3 small high-rise buildings, all of which are in the pattern of three bedrooms, of which the small high-rise buildings are all 125-127㎡, and most of the high-rise buildings are 99-113㎡.

Geographic traffic

Luofuhu Road, Taoxin Road, Jingshanhe Road and Wanshi Road together form a road transportation network extending in all directions, with a total of 6 bus lines reaching the vicinity of the project, so that people can easily go to every place in the city. It is only about 2.4 kilometers away from Wutun Road Fast Lane and about 2.8 kilometers away from Wuhu-Xuancheng Expressway. It also has a three-dimensional transportation network formed by Wuxuan Civil Airport and Xinwu Station of Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou High-speed Railway, which is expected to be fully navigable in 2020, and its appreciation potential is immeasurable.