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Mature Community Convenient Transportation Ecodistrict


Project Area: 169807㎡

Building Type: Residence

Project Location: Tongyuan Road, Caijiagang Town, Beibei District, Chongqing(Beside the Cijia Station of Metro Line 6)

District: Liang Jiang New Area

Project Website:

Price Range:Average price: 12500 yuan/m2

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

The project is located in Caijia Group, Chongqing, at the intersection of Caiyia Tongyuan Road and Tonghua Road. It is located on the Jialing River, with a backer on one side and water on three sides. It is adjacent to Liangjiang Residential Bus Terminal in the north (which will be relocated to the No.3 plot in this case), central park in the east, Caijia Metro Station in the south and Olympic Sports Competition Park in the west. The commercial street of one million square meters built by USUM is only one street away from the project, and the southeast side of the project is adjacent to the central business district of 1227 mu. At the same time, it is located in the core business district of Caijia Group, with the most convenient public transportation and the richest ecological resources. MHome MiLord Impression is divided into 1#, 2# and 3# plots, and the property types cover high-rise, villas and commercial buildings, with a total area of about 170,000 square meters, and a total construction area of about 500,000 square meters. The total number of households is 3,542, and there are 3,085 parking spaces. The parking space ratio of the whole project is 1: 0.87, which is rare among similar projects in Chongqing, and the plot ratio of the project is only 2.17. The concept of landscape design integrates neoclassical elements with the new Asian style, creates a double atrium landscape with ingenuity, and builds Caijia Green Ecological Community with a comprehensive green space rate of 35%. It is a rare low-density and high-quality residential community in the main city at present.

house type

There are four floors in total in the design of townhouse villa, with a building area of 110-125m2

Geographic traffic

The MHome MiLord Impression is located on Tongyuan Road of Caijia Group (next to Caijia Station on Line 6). With the convenient transportation of 11 bridges, 2 avenues and 3 metro lines, people can quickly reach the heart of the city, such as Lijia Business Center, Yuelai Convention and Exhibition Center, Guanyinqiao Business Area, Shapingba Business Area and Jiangbei Airport. Since then, villas are no longer far away from the city, and MHome MiLord Impression has returned to the important section of Caijia Business Area, where people can control their work and life leisurely in the midst of the bustling life. Three metro lines: Line 6, Line 13 (to be built) and Line 16 (to be built). 2 main roads: Inner Ring Expressway (Chongqing-Wuhan Expressway) and Central Ring Expressway. Seven bridges: Shuangbei Bridge, Ma 'anshi Bridge, Caijia Bridge, Jialing River Bridge of Line 6, Jiayue Bridge, Baoshan Bridge (planned), River Crossing Bridge of Line 13 (planned), North Yuelai Bridge (planned), River Crossing Bridge of Line 16, Shuitu Jialing River Bridge (under construction) and Shuitu Double Line Bridge (under construction). The municipal government will build highly intensive living and business facilities (central business district) in the south of the project, with more than 1,277 mu of commercial land and a building area of 765,000 square meters, and there will be a food street next to it.