Wuhan MiLord Mansion

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Hotline: 027-8355 1888

Project Area: 39676.2m2

Building Type: Residence; Shop

Project Location: Xinjiadi, Jiefang Avenue, Qiaokou District, Wuhan(Beside Zhongbai Storage Supermarket)

District:Qiaokou District

Project Site: http://mhmlh.fang.com/2/?ctm=1.wuhan.xf_search.lplist.2

Project Status:On Sale

Project Overview

Wuhan MiLord Mansion Phase II is located in the core life area of in Gutian Street of Qiaokou, which will be built into a special living area of about 180,000 square meters for personages and elites. The project is located next to Zhongbai Storage Supermarket, Xinjiadi, Jiefang Avenue, in the core residential area of Gutian Street, close to Jiefang Avenue and Gutian Second Road, which are the two main roads in Gutian Street, and people can go to Xinjiadi Bus Station and Gutian Second Road Light Rail Station on Jiefang Avenue within a few minutes' walk. People can also go to Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang smoothly from here. Large-scale quality residential communities such as Hankou Spring Impression, Rongqiao Grand City and Dongfang Huacheng are all within 1 km from the project, and the living atmosphere is very rich; Moreover, it takes only 3 minutes to walk to Zhongbai Storage Supermarket, a large supermarket close to the project, and Fuyuan Street, a commercial pedestrian street integrating life, entertainment and leisure; It takes only 10 minutes to get to CapitaMall Westgate, City Mall, IKEA LIVAT and other large-scale commercial complexes by car, thus realizing the real central life of "seeking quiet amidst bustle".

The total area of the project is about 40,000 square meters, the total construction area is about 180,000 square meters, the total number of households is 1,127, and there are 1,295 parking spaces. The proportion of parking spaces in the whole project is 1:1.14, the plot ratio of the project is 3.3, and the comprehensive greening rate is 30%. The landscape is designed with people as the center, and the seven MHome artistic conceptions are cleverly laid out, forming a buffer zone  with the attractive beautiful scenery for returning home.

house type

Wuhan MiLord Mansion Phase II is located in Xinjiadi, Jiefang Avenue, Qiaokou District (next to Zhongbai Storage Supermarket), with 5 high-rise buildings and 2 super-high buildings, and the first construction area of 93-14m2.

Geographic traffic

The project is located next to Zhongbai Storage Supermarket in Xinjiadi, Jiefang Avenue, in the center of Gutian, with a very advantageous location. It is adjacent to Jiefang Avenue in the north, Gutian Road in the south, Gutian Second Road in the west and Xinjiadi North Road and Gutian Third Road in the east. With convenient transportation and as one of the three main roads in the main city of Hankou, Jiefang Avenue not only runs through the east and west of Hankou, but also crosses the three main central cities of Qiaokou District, Jianghan District and Jiang 'an District. In the process of urban construction, the first to enjoy the benefits of development are the properties near the main roads of the city. The Wuhan MiLord Mansion near Jiefang Avenue, so the property appreciation is often faster than other properties in Gutian. In addition, another obvious advantage is that the project is located at the subway entrance of [Gutian Second Road] [Gutian Third Road], which can be reached only 400 meters on foot. From here, you can reach IKEA LIVAT, City Mall Business Area in 10 minutes, WuShang Plaza Large Business Area, Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street in 15 minutes and even Hankou North in no more than 30 minutes. You can enjoy all kinds of Business Areas and medical education supporting facilities along the metro line. You can als seamlessly transfer to Metro Line 3 and Line 2 at [Zongguan Station] and [Xunlimen Station], and successfully reach many central areas such as Hankou Main City, Wuchang Main City, Optics Valley Center, Hanyang Wangjiawan Center, Houhu Hankou City Plaza Business Area and Zhuankou Center. With the convenience of transportation brought by subway and the introduction of urban resources, the appreciation of properties near the subway entrance is much higher than that of properties far away from the subway entrance. In addition to the subway, you can walk 100 meters to Xinjiadi bus station on Jiefang Avenue, and these bus stations have nearly 17 bus lines, which can meet people’s travel demand.