Wuhan MHome Gentlefolk

Lego-style residential area.

The First Pilot Prefabricated Building Project in Hubei Awarded the “China Real Estate Guangsha Prize”

Hotline: 027-8286 9888

Building Type: Residence; Shop

Project Location: The Intersection of Xingye Road and Baibuting Road, Wuhan

District: Jiang’an District

Project Status:Sell Out

Project Overview

MHome Real Estate Leads the Industrialization of Residential Buildings

Following the successful industrialization case of Shenyang MHome Gentlefolk, MHome Real Estate Group, one of the top 100 Chinese real estate enterprises, took the lead in introducing the world-leading factory prefabricated residence to Wuhan, and made every effort to build the first Lego-style residential area in the central Baibuting living area-Wuhan Gentlefolk.

Three technological advantages make a high-quality home.

Waterproof, impermeability and crack resistance

Lego building components own strong integrity, and the reserved dimensions of doors and windows are 100% matched with the industrialized production.

Heat insulation and fire prevention

Multi-functional sandwich insulation exterior wall panel can not only prevent the spread of fire, but also be sturdy, durable, energy-saving and comfortable

High precision and small error

The error of length and width of PC components produced by assembly line is less than 2 mm, and the deviation of surface flatness is less than 0.1%.


Living in Baibuting Community. Enjoying mature supporting facilities.

Baibuting Community, an example community of China's living environment, is an area with the most mature living facilities and the best living atmosphere and environment in Wuhan. Gentlefolk is located in the center of Baibuting Community, and enjoys abundant supporting resources in the area first.

Half Hour Life Circle. A Footstep Away from the Center.

Gentlefolk is located in the central living area of Baibuting, along the golden axis of Xingye Road and Baibuting Road, and enjoys a three-dimensional traffic network consisting of Metro Line 3/8 and more than 20 buses, such as Bus 622, so that people can reach the whole city quickly in 30 minutes.

Three Business Areas at the Doorstep. Center of Prosperous Life.

Baibuting Traditional Business Area, Danshuichi Business Area and New Life Mall City Business Area meet to provide you with various living conveniences at any time. There are 30,000 square commercial districts in the Gentlefolk Community, where you can buy food, drink and play at your doorstep.


Elite schools around. Children’s Bright Future.

Gentlefolk International Kindergarten is just at the doorstep, and it is also surrounded by key famous schools such as Hantie Senior Middle School, Yucai Primary School, Shuguang Kindergarten and Luojia Kindergarten. The whole platinum education system for students between 3 and 18 years old promises children a happy future.

The mellow scenery of Baibuting is on the left. The three parks of Dijiao are on the right.

The project enjoys the green resources of Baibuting, and is close to Dijiao Living Circle. People can reach Dijiao Park within 5 minutes by car. The park has a scale of more than 20 hectares (308 acres), and the green space rate of the whole park is about 85%. What a great place for people to relax!