Wuhan MiLord Impression

580,000 m2 of lakeside park home, opening a new model of lakeside life in Hanyang District

Living in the City Center Adjacent to the Transportation Hub Education Resources from Famous Schools Enjoying Diverse Prosperity

Hotline: 027-5910 5666

Project Area: 580000 m2

Building Types: Residence. Shop

Project Location: Teyihao Community, Middle Jiangdi Road, Hanyang District, Wuhan

District: Hanyang District.

Project Status:Sell Out

Project Overview

Wuhan MiLord Impression Project is located on the Moshui Lake in Hanyang, with a massing of 580,000 square meters. It is adjacent to the first international consulate area in Wuhan in the future, enjoying 320,000 square meters of urban central ecological park, adjacent to the prosperous business districts such as Zhongjiacun and Wangjiawan, and is an epoch-making livable place.

Transportation: In the future, Metro Line 6 will pass through Middle Jiangdi Road on the west side of the project, and Lines 3 and 4 will also run through the project area, greatly improving residents' travel condition; People can quickly get on the Second Ring Road along Middle Jiangdi Road; After the opening of the two Yangtze River Bridges in Yingwuzhou and Yangsi Port in the future, people can reach the core of Wuchang as soon as possible. Starting from the project, it takes about 10 minutes to get to Zhongjiacun, about 13 minutes to get to Guobo Business Area, and about 15 minutes to get to Wangjiawan Business Area. Multi-dimensional and three-dimensional transportation makes life convenient.

Supporting Facility: According to the urban planning of Hanyang, an investment of 52 billion yuan will be made to build a central ecological water city, including Wuhan Zoo, Wetland Science Park, International Exchange Park, Cultural Island Bay, Sports and Leisure Park and Taohuawu Park, integrating entertainment, leisure, parents and children, etc., which will greatly improve the  living quality of surrounding residents. The first consular district of Wuhan is also located in Moshui Lake, where consulates from all over the world will gather, which will become the most international foreign-related residential district in Wuhan. MiLord Impression is located in the core of Moshui Lake, close to the embassy area, and will share international life with families around the world. At the same time, the MiLord Impression will carefully lay out seven garden-style squares of different sizes in the 50,000-square-meter Boston-style garden, which will promote more neighborhood interaction and ensure more living rights.

Education: Outside the project, there is Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone HYSZ, a century-old famous school; And there are international bilingual kindergartens inside the project. MiLord Impression will provide the best quality education solutions for future masters and provide reliable education guarantee for children's future.

Living in the city center with the advantage of being the transportation hub. Enjoying education resources from famous schools and diverse prosperity. MiLord Impression opens a new model of life on the lakeside in Hanyang with 580,000-square-meter lakeside home!