▌Systematic Techniques

The world-leading technical system of superimposed shear wall structure, supports the creation of Class A demonstration projects with high assembly rate.

Two layers of precast reinforced concrete slabs are connected into wallboard members with intermediate cavities through truss steel bars or connectors, and pour the concrete into the intermediate cavities to form shear walls. Superimposed shear walls are divided into double-sided superimposed shear walls and single-sided superimposed shear walls (with insulation).

T-Shaped Connection Structural Map
of Double-sided Superimposed Shear Wall

Horizontal Seam Connection Structure
of Double-sided Superimposed Shear Wall

T-shaped Connection Structural Map
of Sandwich Insulation Superimposed Shear Wall

Horizontal Seam Connection Structure
of Sandwich Insulation Superimposed Shear Wall

T-shaped Connection Structural Map
of Dense-docking Double-sided Superimposed Shear Wall

L-shaped Connection Structure of
Dense Docking Double-sided Superimposed Shear Wall


Group Standard


Local Standard


Enterprise Standard

Technical standard maker of prefabricated superimposed shear wall
MHome Group has applied for more than 130 patents and authorized 89 patents related to superimposed shear wall technology system. As one of the editor-in-chief units, MHome Group has promoted the preparation of technical regulations for prefabricated monolithic superimposed shear wall structures in 11 provinces and cities (has completed the establishment in 8 provinces and cities), and realized the prefabricated superimposed shear wall structure in the 7-intensity fortification zone, with an applicable height of 100 meters.
MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing, together with China National Institute of Standardization, Tongji University, Wuhan University of Technology and other research institutes and industry experts at home and abroad, jointly develops the technology research and development of prefabricated superimposed shear wall, focusing on improving the integration and manufacturing efficiency of advanced technologies in standard design, process flow, production equipment and assembly technology. It constantly overcomes industry problems, masters core technologies, so as to form its own intellectual property rights.

▌Standardized Design

With complete business qualifications, mature three-dimensional forward design, special prefabricated building design and BIM technology application ability, MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing has registered design branches in 15 core cities across the country, and can provide the whole process of design integration services for construction projects.

▌Intelligent Production

The national level prefabricated building industry base with the most advanced equipment, the largest production capacity and the highest degree of intelligence in the world.

The production line of MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing Factory is equipped with EBOS/MES intelligent central control system, which seamlessly interfaces with BIM design data; PPS system intelligently reverses the component production plan based on the construction plan combined with the in-process plan. It also sets the linkage distribution and adjust the production plan during the lead time of component ordering at the same time.
Realize the online connection between TMS logistics transportation management system and YTWO platform, connect “people, vehicles and freight yard” online, and realize visual management from the whole process of order management, dispatching management, loading and unloading management, in-transit management and receipt management.
MHome Group not only has production equipment with high manufacturing precision, but also formulates strict ex-factory inspection system, only in pursuit of "zero defect" in PC product quality.


Intelligent Central Control System


The most advanced automatic composite

slab production line in Europe


The most advanced automatic steel

bar processing production line in the world


The advanced mixing equipment with

an annual capacity of one million cubic concrete in the world

BIM Technology

YTWO Informatization Platform


The component’s precision is up to 2 mm


The flowing rhythm of production line is 7 minutes


Each standard production line is equipped with 24 workers


Welding Machine for Reinforcing Mesh

Concrete Distribution Spreader


CCTV-2 reported on Wuhan Jiangxia Smart Housing Manufacturing Base, the first prefabricated production base for intelligent building of MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing.
The “New Model of MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing” made a wonderful appearance at CIEHI, which was reported by CCTV’s “Morning News” column.
CCTV-13 reported on the performance of MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing in CIEHI.
MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing Jiangxia Base was put into production in Wuhan, which was reported in Hubei News by Hubei Satellite TV.
CCTV-13 reported on the performance of MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing in CIEHI.

▌Mechanization of Installation

The MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing adopts combined integration technology and all-dry construction, which reduces the traditional process links and modular joint; The construction period of assembling one floor in 3-5 days is realized through industrialized standard flow operation. Transform traditional workers into industrial workers through comprehensive skills training and militarized management, form a team of self-owned assembler with tenacious style and excellent technology, so as to effectively ensure the safety and efficiency of on-site prefabricated construction; Front and back industrial chain can provide posts for about 4000-5000 people.

Professional Team

High Efficiency

Saving of Labor and Material

Well Managed

▌National Layout

With the MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing has 13 smart building bases throughout the country under the principle of long-term deep culture, covering all sites within the range of 100km to 200km around the base. By continuously creating Class A prefabricated demonstration projects, the building quality will be improved, and the construction of national demonstration cities will be promoted, contributing to the local energy conservation, emission reduction and green development in the construction field.

2018 Factories in Wuhan and Qingdao were put into production.

2019 Six factories in Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Changsha and Jingzhou were put into production.

2021-2020 Five factories in Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Jinan were put into production.

2022 The total designed annual production capacity of PC components in 13 factories can reach 3,900,000 m3, and the maximum achievable prefabricated building area is 52,000,000 m2.

▌Integrated Mode

The integrated business of MHome Smart Housing Manufacturing is based on “high satisfaction, low cost, high speed, minimum profit, large scale and universal service”. By integrating internal and external resources, MHome Group takes the leading superimposed shear wall technology system as the core, the user demand as the guide, the whole life cycle service as the foundation, and the smart housing manufacturing factory as the main body, to develop various business links including investment consultation, technical planning, planning and design, house sales, component processing, prefabrication and construction, fitment and decoration, delivery and maintenance, property service, etc., providing users with fully furnished houses, improving the satisfaction of all-dimensional users and establishing a complete solution with the whole value chain system for houses.

Free technical service, land consulting ervice→ investment → design → marketing → smart manufacturing → hard decoration → interior decoration + property service.The integrated service mode can meet the needs of owners, real estate developers and the government at the same time