MHome Group-Investor Relations

Company Information

  • Company Name

    MHome Group Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd.

  • Security Abbreviation

    MHome Group

  • Place of Listing

    Shenzhen Stock Exchange Main-Board

  • Date of Establishment

    March 11, 1989

  • Date of Listing

    December 5, 1996

  • Registered Address

    Room 3202, Unit 1, Building 10, Zhuoyue Junyuan, Intersection of Beijing Road and Lianmeng Road, Kunming, Yunnan.

  • Office Address

    35/F, MHome Plaza, 191, Maying Road, Hanyang District, Wuhan, Hubei.

  • Legal Representative

    Liu Daoming

  • Business Scope

    Asset management, investment transfer of equity and property rights,investment planning and consulting services, and business investment; Development investment and operation management of real estate industry, scientific research information consulting service and market construction, real estate development and operation; House leasing (business activities shall be carried out with Business License).

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